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The Company

Synchestra is a startup company in Belgium, Europe, that was founded in 2021 with a strong capital base.

Purpose: Develop a digital platform for classical concert music performance, in order to provide the possibility to play orchestral accompaniments of credible sound quality and adequate control possibilities for a solo player at reasonable cost.

Our mission: To provide to musicians the immense joy of easily accessing their dream to perform their preferred music with an orchestra.

Our values: Integrity, Respect, Honesty, Joy, Justice, Transparency, Perseverance.

Your role

You develop an app (for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS platforms) that plays modified MIDI files with VST instruments, in order to render the orchestra sound in real time together with the solo musician. Development covers areas such as proprietary algorithms for sound recognition, score rendering, sound rendering (including mix & mastering), front-end design, security.

The development is currently in the alpha-version stage, and we expect that the beta-version needs less than one year further work.

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Interested? More info?

Initial interviews will be done via Teams, you will be invited for final interviews in Belgium.

Please send a resume and short description of relevant work in music (and possibly other) subjects, or links to that work, to

dr.ir. Robrecht H. Paternoster
Chief Musical Officer - Founder