Our values


At Synchestra we think it's important that we know what we can expect from each other. That we respect agreements made and that we stick to the rules. Not because we are a bunch of people inventing masses of rules, but because we know why we made these rules: to make Synchestra and its Community grow and prosper. 


We respect the input of our Community members. The yield of their hard work (writing scores, digitizing, orchestrating, ...) does not go to the shareholders' bank account. We put the profits back into the company. So that we can offer even more musical pieces and let even more musicians enjoy playing with an orchestra. 


We at Synchestra consider honesty of paramount importance. We tell the truth, and what we say is right. Of course we sometimes make mistakes. (Quite often, actually.) But we are at least in good faith. We expect the same honesty from our Community members. 


Aha! This is what it is all about: the joy of playing music. This is the reason of existence of Synchestra. And we want to share that joy. 


At Synchestra we treat everybody equally. We think this is only fair. 

This fair treatment manifests itself for example in the way we reward our members for their work. They are rewarded for the work they put into each piece of music. Not just for the work they put into the best-selling pieces. So we don't give them a 'percentage on sales', because then they would hardly be left with the less popular pieces. And that's exactly what we want to be able to offer. 


We say what we do, and we do what we say. The rules that we draw up for our Community are visible to everyone, and are the same for everyone: for our members and, of course, for ourselves. If we need to change any rules, we communicate them clearly and in advance.


We are no quitters, at Synchestra. We have a dream and we intend to realise it. No matter how difficult it is. 

In this we are no different from the musician who rehearses hard for weeks until he/she has mastered the concerto. Perseverance is essential for a musician. And for us too.