How to contribute to the Community?

You can contribute to the Community in various ways. 

For example, we welcome:

Passionate customers

Are you studying music, are you a musician, a music teacher or a professional in the music world? Then you can contribute to the Community by buying a musical work in presale.

Zealous score writers

Do you know how to write a digital orchestral score with tools like Dorico, Finale, Sibelius, MuseScore, Notion, ...?

Then you are a valuable asset to the Community.

Enthusiastic orchestrators

Can you convert the MIDI output of classical music orchestra scores into music project files, for example using a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) with sequencer software such as Steinberg Cubase, Apple Logic, Ableton Live, Presonus Studio One, Cockos Reaper, Studios Reason, Steinberg Dorico, etc.?

Then we would love to have you as a community member!

Composers and their rights holders

Do you compose an original work for one or more soloists and orchestra? Then Synchestra can become your music publisher!

Enthusiastic website improvers

Would you like to contribute to the content of our website? Complete or improve information? Provide new content? 

Be welcome in the Community!

Motivated music publishers

Do you represent a music publisher? We can definitely set up a win-win cooperation!

Native speakers of other languages

Would you like our website to support your native language as well? We would like to bring our information to our musicians, as much as possible in their native language.

So you are welcome to help with that!