What music do we bring?

Synchestra wants to bring the orchestra to you. That's why we focus on works written for solo and orchestra:

In short: we are aiming for works that require at least 5 musicians. 

What we do not include in our repertoire, for example: 

We concentrate on music in the public domain.

That is music of which the composer has been dead for at least 70 years (in Canada it is 50 years, in the United States 100 years). 

Because after that period, no royalties are owed to the composer or his heirs. Not that we don't want to pay royalties. But negotiations with composers or their rights holders are often complicated and time-consuming. In the start-up phase of Synchestra we prefer to put our time and energy in other things. 

Don't we want to bring contemporary music?

Yes, we do. 

If a composer would like to make his or her work(s) available through Synchestra and would like to become a member of our Community, this is possible. We are very happy to do so! 

I like to offer my work