Looking for score writers

Synchestra is a Belgian company developing an app aimed at musicians who want to play / sing a work for solo and orchestra: the musician plays / sings the solo part live, and the digital orchestra is rendered with our app (which will run on MacOS, Windows, iOS and Android). Our development work is partially funded by the Flemish government (see Subsidies | Agentschap Innoveren en Ondernemen).

We are seeking the collaboration of about 20 score writers, who can write scores of classical concerto, according to high professional standards. Synchestra has chosen Dorico as its platform for score writing, and currently uses the Pro 4.2 version.

What we expect from you:

  1. you have proven experience in writing orchestral music;

  2. you know Dorico Pro well, and use it as your primary music notation tool; you are willing to keep up with the latest updates ;

  3. you are willing to respect high professional, scientific and musical standards for scores;

  4. you can work very precisely, and make sure your score corresponds to your reference score;

  5. when you have finished the score writing of a composition, you hand over the Dorico project file.

Please note that proper orchestration is not part of the score writer’s work. The work of the orchestrator is described here. The orchestrator receives your work output.

What you get to start with:

What we offer you:

If you are interested, please send us your cv, your three preferred classical composers, information about the hardware and software configuration of your DAW, and a reference portfolio including at least two (preferably complex) orchestral works you created in Dorico (a list of URL’s is ok), to

Chief Musical Officer

Your application can be done in English, German, French or Dutch.

Please allow for a few working days to receive a reply. Thank you for reading this job post!