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Experience the emotion of rehearsing and playing with a real orchestra

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Compositions for solo and orchestra

Great orchestra sound

We perform compositions for solo instruments and orchestra.

Scores as you never saw them before

Great orchestra sound

Our scores for soloists and conductors are of superior quality and very musician-friendly, both the paper printout and the display on your screen. With page breaks in easy places, and pages that turn automatically.

Musical accompaniment as you wish

Great orchestra sound

You choose which instrument from the composition you play, the other instruments of the composition are played by our app. You choose the tempi, and the tuning of the A (440 Hz by default). We also offer the historical orchestral version for some works.

Rehearsing never went so smoothly

Great orchestra sound

To make it easy for you, we offer rehearsal points. But you can also add your own rehearsal points, as well as rehearsal loops. The metronome can be switched on and off, and you can choose the sounds and patterns yourself.

A performance made to measure

Great orchestra sound

Thanks to smart audio recognition techniques, the orchestra adapts itself to your tempo. It can be a leader or a follower, just as you like it. It will fall in exactly at the right time after your solo, and it even recognises the cadenzas.

Sound that blows you away

Great orchestra sound

The sound of our orchestra is barely distinguishable from a performance by real musicians. We take into account the space in which you are physically playing. Moreover, you can also choose your 'lis-tening point': from any spot on the concert stage or from the concert hall.