Our vision and philosophy

Synchestra is not an ordinary commercial company.

Synchestra arose from a passion for music and the wish to give every musician the chance to play together with a real orchestra. 

Because playing together with an orchestra is magical. We think that this musical experience should not be the exclusive privilege of the happy few, the most talented, the lucky ones, the crème de la crème of musicians. 

Playing together with an orchestra should be something that every musician should be able to experience.  

That's why in the first place Synchestra wants to be a Community, a meeting place for musicians with a common passion. For musicians who work hard for months on end to be able to perform that breathtaking aria, that grandiose concerto, that incomparable choral work and to turn it into an unforgettable goose-bump moment.

Musical happiness is what drives Synchestra, money is not our driving force. 

The value of Synchestra is the sum of the happy moments of its Community members. 

Business decisions will always be made with the optimal musical experience and the economic stability of the company in mind. 

The company wants to keep all earned profits in the company so that the financial structure will be stronger and it can reinvest to make the products better for our musicians. Thus, no dividends are paid out to the shareholders. 

This story stands or falls with our Community

Because it is financially impossible to make all existing classical music ready for our musicians if we have to pay all the score writers and orchestrators. Therefore, we invite our Community members to contribute to this immense work. They are also rewarded financially.

We also foresee a solidarity mechanism between all contributing Community members, to ensure that less popular works are also made.