The core team

Robrecht, Bruno and Mickael are behind Synchestra: three passionate engineers who also play music. Or three music freaks who happen to be engineers as well, one could say.  

We share a love of music and technology and all three have a solid scientific basis in analogue and digital sound engineering. We are also musicians and have been playing the organ, piano and guitar for years. We know better than anyone how much time and effort is needed to master a single piece of music: days, weeks, sometimes months. But we are prepared to do it. Because we want to experience that one magical moment: the moment that we can perform the work: with goose bumps, shivers down our spines, tears in our eyes from emotion.

Bruno K. Tourwé, Chief Technological Officer

Gregory R. Paternoster

Mickael Baudouin, Lead audio developer

Robrecht H. Paternoster, Chief Musical Officer

Yannick P. Paternoster